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Thank you for supporting our work at Quazifilms Media! When I graduated from film school in 2000 and told people I was moving home to Molokai, they all thought I was crazy. "What are you going to do with a film degree there?" they would ask.


Truth is, I wasn't sure, but I knew in my heart that I needed to move home and I needed to keep making films. Developing my career here has not been easy, but it has taught me how to work hard and to believe in myself. Pursuing my passion of telling unique island stories about culture, environment, and positive change has been incredibly rewarding.


However, it's not always easy finding funding to do the work that I am most passionate about. I am constantly searching out individuals and organizations willing to support my efforts.

Donating through the link below will help fund current projects and offset the huge discounts and pro-bono media services that I offer to local nonprofits. If you want to know exactly how your donation will be spent or if you have a specific project you want to support, please contact me directly.


Mahalo Nui,

Matt Yamashita

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