Halawa Valley is one of the oldest inhabited locations in Hawaii. At the age of five, Pilipo Solatorio was chosen to be the carrier of Halawa’s ancient traditions. Now in his seventies, Pilipo is the last of his generation living in the isolated valley. He needs to find a successor to replace him as the carrier of Halawa's cultural treasures before they are lost forever. Will Pilipo's son, Greg, come home to take on the responsibility of carrying traditions forward, or will Pilipo’s two hanai (calabash) sons (Josh, a taro farmer, and Jason, a musician from New York) be left with the challenge? The struggles of modern life make it difficult for any one of these sons of Halawa to carry on a legacy that has been passed down for many generations. Only through true commitment and sacrifice will Halawa’s story and sacredness be kept alive.

SONS OF HALAWA was acquired by Pacific Islanders in Communications to broadcast nationally on PBS in 2016 as part of its PACIFIC HEARTBEAT series.

SONS OF HALAWA was funded entirely by individual supporters. Mahalo to all who donated to make this film possible! Please visit our SUPPORT page to see how you can help.

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