(In Production)

Mahalo Covid

In this short documentary, Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Matt Yamashita, injects himself into a story about the impacts of Covid-19 on his community and his personal life.


When Covid-19 hits, Matt's thriving film career and his income is put on hold. Without work, he focuses his camera on his community and himself to document the unique impacts of the pandemic on a remote Hawaiian Island. When food and money starts running out, Matt turns to his skill as a fisherman to feed his family and his community. Other Molokai residents and non-profits also turn inward and toward each other to find answers to unprecedented challenges. The pandemic is a turbulent time for everyone, but it also becomes an opportunity to strengthen relationships, regain inner peace, and reconnect with nature and community. 


​This short film is being produced in partnership with Pacific Islanders in Communications.

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