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I am now offering one-on-one filmmaker coaching.


What I have to offer:

  • Over 20 years as a full-time freelance filmmaker working as a writer, producer, director, shooter, and editor

  • My specialty is small crew, run-and-gun, short and long form documentary filmmaking

  • Have completed hundreds of projects for countless clients

  • Films have seen national and international broadcast

  • Have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars for projects through foundations, CPB funding, private donors, acquisition, clients and crowd-source funding

  • Have run many award-winning films through the film festival circuit 

  • Spent many years teaching film/video production both at the high school and college level

  • Have mentored numerous filmmakers and supported their professional careers

  • Knowledge and experience in successfully running the business end of freelance filmmaking 

1hr online sessions are $100/hr.


First 30min session is free and used to determine if we are a good fit and to explore how I can best support your professional filmmaking goals.

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