About Quazifilms Media
Website Design By Matt Yamashita dba Quazifilms Media. Copyright (c) 2001
Matt Yamashita dba Quazifilms Media (QFM) has been providing professional video production
services to clients throughout the State of Hawaii since 2001. Operating out of Molokai, Hawaii,
QFM focuses on participating in projects that are representative of Hawaii, its people and its

Matt Yamashita is a Molokai local, born and raised. He earned a B.F.A. in Film and TV
Production from the Chapman University School of Film and Television, Orange, CA in 2000.
Since 2001 Matt has been working actively in the TV/video field in Hawaii as a producer, writer,
director, editor & educator/trainer. Having served a long list of clients, Matt has earned a
reputation for quality and professionalism while maintaining a grass-roots style and sensitivity.

QFM caters directly to the needs of local businesses and organizations in Hawaii by offering
creative concept development and consultation for video/media projects and providing
complete pre-production, production, and post-production services. QFM is also engaged in a
variety of in-house projects intended for distribution and sales.

Matt Yamashita served for 5-years as the Director for Akaku Maui Community TV's Molokai
Media Center. During this time he developed valuable experience in non-profit project
management, grant writing, and curriculum development and implementation. Matt has also
worked on a long list of grant funded projects for other non-profit agencies throughout Hawaii.
Matt has the skill and experience necessary to effectively assist clients in: creating media
components for grant funded projects; developing public awareness campaigns; designing
educational, promotional and fundraising strategies; and creating project assessment tools
through the use of media.

Through Quazifilms Media, Matt has written, directed, and/or produced a multitude of videos
including: public service announcements, promotional, educational and informational videos for
non-profit and state agencies; corporate safety videos; community service and issue
awareness pieces; short narratives and music videos; and both short and feature length

Clients have included: University of Hawaii, Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commission, Pacific
Islander's in Communication, Protect Kaho`olawe `Ohana, Pacific American Foundation, Hui
Ho`oniho, Tau Dance Theater, Edith Kanaka'ole Foundation, Hui Ho`opakele `Aina, Coffees of
Hawaii, Molokai Chamber of Commerce, Molokai Community Health Center, Ala Wai
Watershed Association, Maui County AHEC, Hawaii State Department of Health, Hawaii State
Department of Land and Natural Resources, Hawaii State Department of Agriculture, and KITV,
KHON, KGMB, and KHNL news stations.

Projects produced by Quazifilms Media have received statewide broadcast on network and
local cable stations and have won awards at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

QFM manages several websites (www.quazifilms.com, www.previewmolokai.tv,
www.islandlifevideos.com) designed to provide online venues for video projects, to promote
sales of in-house video products, and to increase exposure for non-profit educational videos
produced by QFM and posted on Youtube under the username "molokaimatt." Videos
produced by QFM receive a total combined average of over 250 views per day on Youtube and
are viewed regularly from countries as far away as Brazil, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.